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July 5th Update

Lambing Season is over! All the hard work by the Balsdon family has paid off and has led to a successful season on the whole.

During the Months of April, May and July I documented how we relocate the sheep to the neighbouring fields, the caring of the various tame lambs that we had down the farm and also whilst she was down from Colchester: my sister Stacey's involvement on the farm.

With Stacey being down I got to film one shift on the farm which was worked by Mel, Lola and Stacey and this was such a perfect demonstration of the work the women of Reed Farm put in!

The focus on the tame lambs was quite exciting as I got to see them grow from little tiny lambs who were fed by milk bottles to bigger lambs that are nearly ready to leave the farm.

Once again Lola decided to lend a hand in caring for the lambs and this gave me a chance to see the interactions between my mum and Lola and I interviewed Mum to get her opinion on her granddaughters interest in the farm.

With the final footage collected the editing process can now begin and all the hours of film must now be condensed into one 5 minute piece of film. The work will be hard but I have complete faith that the finished product will be of the highest standard.

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