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April 5th Update

March was indeed a busy time for the Balsdon Family. The sheep required constant care and every day saw each member undertake the same responsibilities. The sheep needed to be fed, drenched, moved around and the pens needed to be bedded up with fresh straw and eventually the sheep would be moved out of the farm and into the neighbouring fields.

During the month I focused on the daily routines with the filming centring around what Mum and Mel do on a daily basis. Mum and and Mel are usually the main people that work on the farm whilst Dad transports the sheep and also tends to the cattle who are calving at this time of year. They are the two people that are responsible to monitoring the sheep and making sure that the lambs are born without any complications.

On March 21st I interviewed Mel while she undertook one of her night shifts. I asked her what the purpose of night shifts were and also delved into her feelings about farming and I even asked her if she ever wanted to do anything else instead of farming. This for me gave great insight into why Mel works on the farm as I never took the time to ask her in the 19 years that I've been her brother and it was great to get to know my sister a bit better.

I also filmed my three year old niece Lola as she helped Mel out on the farm. Her enthusiasm and want to help out is remarkable especially because of how young she is. It was great seeing Mel showing Lola how to iodine the lambs in order to stop any infection occurring in the lambs as it highlights how farming does help to strengthen the bond that they have.

The amount of footage I able to gather was staggering and I'm not even finished yet with final interviews with the family and the interview with my sister Stacey while she is down helping still needing to be conducted as well as the filming of the lambs being put in the fields needed to be documented.

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